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INTEGRATIVE ENERGETICS is a somato-emotional body therapy that reestablishes our balance and center. Whether we have acute or chronic problems that plague our well being INTEGRATIVE ENERGETICS can aid the body/mind in its healing process.


Whenever we have a problem, our body/mind establishes a pattern of coping that compensates for that problem. In most therapies only the primary problem is treated, but the pattern remains. The tendency, because of this pattern, is for the primary problem to return, necessitating repeated treatments.


INTEGRATIVE ENERGETICS treats, using a wide variety of techniques, not only the primary problem but many of the other aspects of the compensatory pattern. As a result, not only is the primary problem greatly reduced, the pattern that would cause a return of symptoms is disrupted and a new level of well being is established.


As I have been in practice for over 20 years it has become apparent that stress is a pervasive factor in everybody’s life. Stress is a factor in most people’s physical pain and ill health. When people are under stress they go into the fight or flight mode. This is an activation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).


The basic overview of what happens in the fight or flight mode is that the body changes so that it is ready for action. Blood is shunted to the muscles, lungs and heart. Digestion and the process of extracting nutrition from food is greatly reduced. The body breaks down different parts of itself in order to make these substances readily available for the muscles and other tissues to use during the perceived danger. Blood cholesterol will be increased as well as blood sugar and insulin levels. And over the long term the immune system will be weakened as well as new cell growth.


So what can we do to reduce and eliminate stress on a daily basis? I have assembled four different, powerful means of stress reduction. Read them here...


Cancer can be a hard diagnosis to deal with. Ralph Moss Ph.D has prepared reports on the conventional and alternative treatments of many types of cancer. You can order a report at this website and also sign up for a weekly newsletter dealing with the current topics in cancer research


Many of you know that I talk about triggerpoints as the most common source of pain in the body. I have found two website addresses that have all the trigger points and has a symptom index of common pains and ailments that may be caused by them. When you have a pain use the guide to help you find the muscle or muscles that may be causing it.


For a Map of all the Trigger Points on the body go to:


Related symptoms:

If you check here you’ll find it covers things like runny nose, Menstrual pain and lots more.

It's time for Fruits and Veggies!

Here is a site that lists the residual pesticides in the most common fruit and veggies:



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