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Amega Wand



Below are a few anecdotes about the Amega AM Wand.

I would be happy to give you a demonstration of it if you have questions. I have said in previous email this is an amazing tool.

You can learn more about it at

Buy one, use it for 30 days...there is a money back guarantee.


You can email me with any questions...

An email from a patient who bought a wand after one treatment

with it:

My friend weighed over 350# and has taken off about 100# and is in pain because of the weight from the 'flab' that is left. She is scheduled for surgery to remove it but they cannot do it until Oct. I wanded her today and she did not even hurt when she tried to stand-she often let's out a yell! Another friend bought one after you treated her with it now has one and uses it regularly and her husband, he said it is not the wand-his foot just quit hurting!!

Another email from another Wand owner and Amega business associate, past BSSI student, Barb Morris

Sam, our 15 year old Labrador was showing signs of distress the weekend of the 4th of July. He couldn't stand without pain, and he couldn't sit down without pain, and with each move he made, he cried out. We knew when we returned from our trip over the 4th, that we would be putting him down.On a whim, before we left, I popped an Amgizer disc (Nick's comment:The disc is like a cup coaster of the wand material) into their water dish and just decided to see what would happen. Now before I go any further let me explain another thing. With the hot temps here in Sidney, it is only a few days before the dog dish has algae in it and we have to dump it and start over frequently just to keep it clean for the dogs.

Now, upon returning from our trip, we were shocked to see Sam RUN out to the mailbox to meet us !!!

He had NO PAIN and appeared more energetic than we have seen him in months !

When I walked over to re-fill the dog waterer, I was even more surprised to see that it was still free from Algae and it looked as fresh as it did the day I put it in-5 days earlier !!

So needless to say the disc is staying in their water and to this day, Sam is free of pain!!

Also from her:

For the last 2 years, I have taken a sabbatical from Massage and have worked construction.

What this type of work has done for both hands and arms, is increase the pain that had me stop massage in the first place.


Having tried everything from ice to horse medicine, I decided to put 2 wands in my bath water. When I am in the tub, I lay one wand directly under the area that has the pain, and within minutes it has decreased significantly or has gone away completely. Now if the day has caused stress in my hands or arms, a short time in the tub has me feeling like my old self again, with little or no pain!

The carpal pain that insisted on ruining many a day, has decreased by 70% allowing me to sleep without pain and I haven't taken anything in 3 months for pain and all I am doing is putting the wands in the tub !

From a PT friend of mine in Helena who is using a wand:

I just had a really good result with the wand yesterday, a guy with brain stem stroke symptoms...majority of the eye symptoms resolved.

A friend of mine and her results:

Another pretty amazing result for the wand. A friend was visiting who has Trigeminal Neuralgia and Tourette's Syndrome. She also had corneal abrasions primarily in the left eye. After using the wand for three days when ever she started with the neuralgia symptoms she is now 90% pain free. The Tourette's symptoms have been reduced by 50-75%, the corneal abrasions are gone and another positive side effect is that her hot flashes are almost done too. She has bought a wand.

Story from today in my practice:

A patient came in with a low back spasm.....which I treated in my "conventional" manner. Acupuncture to large intestine 4 and a few other points, pelvic blocks, massage with vibration to both hip flexors and psoas. As I was doing that he mentioned that his lateral big toe and medial 2nd toe had been numb for 2-3 months These areas are supplied by twigs of the medial branch of the deep peroneal nerve. I wanded the area between the 1st and 2nd metatarsals for 3 minutes and the feeling was back to normal. I also used it on his back but secondarily to my other treatments.