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May 11, 2011 Health Info Newsletter: Recycle Plastic, Couch Potatoes, Green Tea Protects Heart


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May Plastics Drive Coming Up!

May 13th-16th ~ 8am - 6pm ~ 1100 N. Last Chance Gulch
Join us for plastics recycling May 13th through 16th! We will be collecting type 1 plastic bottles (soda bottles), type 1 clear plastic trays (no black trays please), type 2 translucent containers (milk jugs), and type 2 solid white and colored containers (detergent and solid white milk jugs). Please rinse containers, remove all lids, and sort into the above four types. For posters and images of the four types please visit our plastics page. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please feel free to call (449.6008) or email ( us.


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Couch Potatoes      from:
It's the couch potato -- and while no one doubts that plugging your meat in a seat is unhealthy at any age, a new study finds that little kids who watch the most TV already have the earliest signs of heart disease.


Australian researchers randomly selected 1,492 6-year-olds from 34 schools in the Sydney area, and asked the kids' parents to fill out questionnaires on how much time each day the children spent watching TV, using a computer, and playing outside.


They found that the average kid spent just 36 minutes a day being physically active... and nearly TWO HOURS a day parked in front of a screen, according to the study in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology: Journal of the American Heart Association (try saying that five times fast).


Then, the researchers photographed the arteries in the backs of the children's eyes, and found that the couch potatoes had narrower blood vessels -- and that each hour of tube time lead to a narrowing of 1.53 microns.


That's a number so small it's impossible to picture -- but in real-world terms, it's enough to raise systolic blood pressure readings by 10 mmHg.

The researchers say they have no idea what this means for children, and plan to follow these kids to see what happens as they age.


But we don't need a study to know that narrow blood vessels lead to increased heart risk in adults. If that process is starting years earlier -- in kindergarten! -- the long-term news can't possibly be good.


That's not the only problem with TVs, computers and video games. Other studies have linked glowing screens to sleep issues, developmental problems and even stupidity -- especially if your kid is inclined to mimic wrestling moves or cartoon stunts when he does go outside.


I know most kids would react to a TV-free home as if they'd been sentenced to Alcatraz... but that's the best way to make sure your child is safe.


And if you can't quite kick the tube to the curb, at least curb the number of hours your kids spend watching it.



Green Tea Protects the Heart from  
by Robert J. Rowen, MD

There's been a lot of press lately about wine's ability to protect your heart. I agree that wine has some heart-protective qualities. But you have to drink so much wine over many years to see the protection. I'm always looking for better ways to protect your heart. Resveratrol and Alginol are definitely good alternatives. But now a new study says a different beverage may challenge wine as the best heart-protecting drink.

As I've shown you in the past, study after study demonstrate that drinking green tea has awesome health benefits. Now a Chinese study says it can protect your heart.

In this study, Chinese doctors studied 520 consecutive patients. All of them underwent coronary angiography to determine whether they had heart disease or not. The researchers found an interesting association between green tea and heart disease. They found that men who drink green tea regularly had a 28% reduced risk of coronary disease. While they didn't observe the same protection in women, I still think it is protective for women as well.

So now you have three super-powered nutrients that can protect your heart. Green tea, resveratrol, and Alginol (from cava ecklonia seaweed) are powerful multi-ring bioflavonoids. I like these molecules more than isolated vitamins like beta-carotene or vitamin E. Extracts of whole plants are a far better way to supplement your diet. That's why I recommend these products so strongly. I've seen how protective they are.

In my opinion, any of them can significantly reduce unwanted inflammation. They provide vascular protection, reduce the risk of cancer, and slow the accelerated aging processes from our stressful lives and marginal diets.

I drink green tea most days. I think it's superior to wine, simply because it doesn't have any of the negatives wine carries with its alcohol content. But some people don't like the taste. So a green tea capsule extract might be more convenient for you.