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If you would like an appointment call Stan and Treva Voreyer at (406) 443-6074. You can call them weekends too.



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October 4, 2011 Health Info Newsletter: EFT 4 Pain summit, EFT workshop, more on skin cancer...


You can order any and all of the products I have mentioned from Emerson Ecologics. To buy products use the link below:



EFT for Pain (free participation) starting today


EFT is a very powerful technique to neutralize negative emotions and pain. Starting today there is a six day Pain Relief EFT Summit. You can learn various EFT procedures to reduce or eliminate pain of all types. Talks are ongoing for the next six days. These talks are free. You can access the summit by using the link below.


If you can't attend each talk you can purchase either CDs of the whole program or MP3s. I purchased the Gold Package (MP3s) so that I can download the talks and workbooks at my leisure and then I can load them on a MP3 player so I can listen to them where ever I choose.



Level 2 EFT training in Helena


Two-day Intermediate Level TrainingSaturday October 15, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.and Saturday October 22, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. $50



To enroll: contact CJ Puotinen at: or


Skin cancer


If you have had any of the more common types of skin cancer you should read my previous email about a self treatment using a plant extract.


If you'd like to try some of the Curaderm mentioned in the article I know someone who has some to sell at a significantly reduced price. Contact me for that person's contact information.


After someone read this past email I got the following information from a patient of mine.


"My husband has many predisposing factors for skin cancer, and in the past year, has had numerous surgeries for incipient melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma. He began taking the Yew Tree Tip capsules (dose is by weight) in December 2010, after his dermatology surgeon told him that under the operating room lights, hundreds of incipient basal cell carcinomas were visible. At the time, the doctor suggested an expensive topical drug. Instead, we did considerable research and through an article in Natural Life News, found out about Yew Tree Tip and Bighorn Botanicals. In June 2011, visual inspection by the doctor under the operating room lights showed that most of the incipient basal cell carcinomas that had been apparent on my husband's face, chest, and back had disappeared. Following the excellent feedback from the doctor in June, my husband dropped to a maintenance dose of 2 capsules/day. (He has also used the tea and the salve, but had relied primarily on the capsules.)"


Yew Tree Tip products can be obtained from Bighorn Botanicals at