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Health Info: November 29, 2010

Galvanic Spa to reduce wrinkles, Colds & flu prevention and treatment


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NuSkin Galvanic Spa

A while back I was looking in the mirror and noticed quite a bit of wrinkles on my face. I've always done a lot of outdoor sports, neglecting using sunscreen or anything else to protect my face because they usually got washed off by being in water or sweating a lot and so resulting in lots of exposure to sunlight and reflected sunlight.

I learned about this device called an ageLOC Galvanic Spa from a friend of mine. I ended up buying one for myself. The galvanic spa consists of a small hand-held device that produces a small imperceptible electrical charge that does several things. Electrical charge may relax muscles of the face that cause wrinkles. It also serves to enhance the delivery of facial gels so that they go deeper under the skin so you have a much more profound effect on healing the skin itself. The basic treatment consists of two stages. The first stage is called the pretreatment stage which helps drive in nutrients and cleansing agents that are electrically charged and bind toxins and other unhelpful substances in the skin preparing them to be withdrawn in the second stage of treatment. The second stage of treatment uses the opposite electrical polarity to attract and remove the toxins were previously bound with the cleansing agents. The whole process takes five minutes. In order to see the results on myself, I did a half face treatment where I only used the spa on one side of my face. I noticed the difference immediately after using the galvanic spa. I asked several people after I told them what I did, if they did tell which side of the face I treated and everyone was able to tell. If you'd like more information about the spa, email me or you can go to:

to watch some videos and get more information. If you'd like to try out a spa and do a half face treatment please call Stan and Treva Voreyer for a half hour appointment which I will not charge you for since we will be doing the galvanic spa demonstration.

I recommend the ageLOC Spa Package You can go to my site to purchase the package. Sign up as a distributor you can save around $80. There is no obligation to make any future purchases.

Colds and flu

Here is an interesting article from Dr. Mercola all about avoiding and trating colds and flu

Also go back to my emails and reread my two emails about prevention of colds and flus and colloidal silver:


I just discovered a new article/interview by Kirk Hamilton about Juice Plus+. I have been taking it for over fifteen years...(and I never get a cold)


Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial,"Br J Nutr , 2010 Aug 23;1-5; [Epub ahead of print]. 48189 (11/2010) "Reduction Of Common Cold Symptoms By Encapsulated Juice Powder Concentrate Of Fruits And Vegetables


Kirk Hamilton: Can you please share with us your educational background and currentposition?


Stephanie Roll: I am a statistician working at the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology andHealth Economics at the Charité University Medical Center in Berlin, Germany. I received my Ph.D. atCharité University doing research about Health Services, Epidemiology and Health Related Quality of Life in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease.


KH: What got you interested in studying the role of an encapsulated juice powder concentrates(Juice Plus®) on the common cold?


SR: There was evidence from previous studies indicating the effects of Juice Plus® on the common cold, but these were explorative results. Thus, we wanted to conduct a study on the symptoms of the common cold as our primary research question.


KH: Where did you come up with a daily dose of four capsules per day? How was it taken? Withmeals or away from meals? In a single dose or divided dose? Why did you choose this particular juice powder concentrate?


SR: A daily dose of four capsules is the recommended dosage for this retail product. In our study,participants were required to take two capsules in the morning with breakfast, and two capsules in the evening with dinner. This intervention was chosen to further investigate published findings from groups in Graz, Austria and Florida, USA.


KH: Were blood levels of any components of the juice powder concentrate or other biochemical markers taken before, during or after the intervention? If so did they correlate with symptoms of the common cold?


SR: In out trial we considered patient relevant outcomes (like symptoms or days with common cold), and did not take blood samples.


KH: Can you tell us about your study and the basic results?


SR: We conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that included healthcare professionals (mainly nursing staff) from a large university hospital in Berlin. Over the winter period, 529 healthy participants took four capsules of Juice Plus® or matching placebo daily for 8 months. Regarding the number of days with moderate or severe common cold symptoms over 6 months, after a two month run-in, which was our primary outcome, we found a mean of 7.6 days in the Juice Plus® group and 9.5 in the placebo group, indicating a 20% reduction in duration of symptom days with Juice Plus® use.


KH: Were there any side effects with the juice powder concentrate therapy? How was the patient compliance?


SR: We did not find side effects or adverse events. The compliance in the study was high in bothgroups (96.0% in the Juice Plus® group and 96.5% in the placebo group). No side effects were reported.


KH: Who is a candidate for this therapy? Everyone since everyone gets a common cold? Who?


SR: In this study, we did not use Juice Plus® for therapy. We included healthy participants to assess any preventive effects of the product. Anyone who can eat fruits and vegetables might want to consider adding Juice Plus® to their diet. We did not expect an immediate effect, which is why we had all subjects on a two month run in with their study capsules before the six month period of interest.


KH: Could you get this same kind of effect by just eating a lot of fruits and vegetables?


SR: That is an interesting question. We have not done research on this topic, so we cannot say. JuicePlus® is not intended to replace eating fruits and vegetables, but seems a reasonable addition to the diet reported by the subjects in this project.


KH: How can the public or health professionals use this information? Do you have any further comments on this very interesting subject?


SR: Since our study was the first randomized, double-blind trial regarding common cold symptoms in healthcare professionals, further long-term studies should aim to assess similar effects in different populations.


If you'd like to try Juice Plus+ and learn more about it, please go to