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Treatment for tinnitus from

A daily dose of 100 or 150 mg of pine bark extract (the study used a particular brand -- Pycnogenol) brought substantial relief to people suffering from mild to moderate tinnitus, as demonstrated in a four-week trial.


The results of the trial, which are published in the journal Panminerva Medica, showed that the extract improved blood flow to the ear (impaired blood flow is a common cause of tinnitus). The higher dose was more effective.


In addition to measuring blood flow, the researchers evaluated tinnitus symptoms using a Subjective Tinnitus Scale. Participants in the trial experienced a pretty impressive decrease in symptoms. The average at the start of the trial was 8.8, and by the end the group taking 100 mg dropped to 5.2...and the 150 mg group fell to a very promising 3.2. There were no changes in the control group.

Travel without carsickness for the holidays from

Q: For Thanksgiving, my husband and I are planning to visit relatives hundreds of miles away. I always end up carsick during long trips, but I'm determined to stay motion sickness-free this time around. Any suggestions?

Dr. Wright: It may not be making many sensational headlines, but ginger is the best-proven treatment for nausea induced by a wide variety of causes, including motion sickness.

Most anti-nausea drugs work by blocking signals to the brain that induce nausea. Ginger, on the other hand, has a localized effect on the stomach. Since its presence in the stomach is a useful part of its action, small doses (250- 500 milligrams) repeated often will give the best results. One common side effect of ginger is heartburn. If this occurs, use a lower dose more often or take the ginger with food. You will find ginger and ginger powder supplements easily in most natural food stores.

4 powerful new uses for green tea from...


If you're not drinking tea every day, I just found two new studies that give even more reasons to make it a priority. I've told you in the past how tea can help prevent colon cancer, reduce inflammation, improve your memory, and even lower your cholesterol. But these two studies show tea's protection goes a lot further.


In the first study, researchers found that drinking green or black tea every day may prevent ischemic stroke. Three or more cups per day reduced the risk by 21% in a meta analysis. While this type of study is not as good as a randomized, prospective clinical study, it supports everything else we know about the flavonoids in tea.


The second meta-analysis found green tea (two cups per day) may reduce the risk of lung cancer by 18%.


As for green tea's ability to fight inflammation, the third study I found says this applies to your gums as well. That means it can fight periodontal disease. Gum disease is simply inflammation in your gums that leads to bleeding, deep gum pockets around your teeth, loose teeth, and infection. A Japanese study found that every one-cup-per-day increase in green tea intake decreases gum-pocket depth, average clinical attachment loss, and bleeding on probing. Here I would recommend the tea itself to bathe the tissues in its powerful phytochemicals.


The fourth study followed 20 obese men. They took 300 mg of ECGC, the catechin found in green tea, every day. Compared to a placebo group, the ECGC stimulated fat oxidation, the process by which you burn off fat.

Tea is simply loaded with beneficial plant chemicals. The leaves use these chemicals to protect themselves from the sun. These chemicals are extraordinarily helpful in reducing inflammation in your body.


Regarding green tea specifically, a mentor of mine pointed out that the nature of the flavonoids in green tea cause them to act as a beneficial antioxidant in normal cells, but as a pro-oxidant in cancer cells. That's because of a deranged metabolism in the cancer cell. This process may explain the killing effect it has on cancer.


I suggest you drink two to three cups of green tea daily. Or you can find supplements that are green tea extracts many products may contain 750 mg of green tea, the amount needed to burn fat in the fourth study. This dose is equivalent in power to 10 cups of green tea.


To protect your gums from periodontal disease, I recommend the tea itself. It can bathe the tissues in its powerful phytochemicals. This delivers the nutrients right where you need them.