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An alternative bug repellent

From Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self-Healing:

After studying more than 4000 compounds University of Florida researchers identified geraniol, an extract from geranium, as the first effective alternative to DEET, the most common and toxic insect repellent. Geraniol was found to be more successful in repelling mosquitoes than products containing 10% DEET. The effect lasted for two to four hours. You can read more about this new insect repellent at

Another product that is effective as a bug repellent is the oil of lemon eucalyptus. It may offer protection that’s comparable to lower concentrations of DEET




A recent review article stated that Ear Acupuncture was better than Valium in improving sleep quality and quantity. Ear acupuncture was able to increase sleep time up to six hours, improve staying asleep and awakening refreshed.


Ear Acupuncture is very easy to do to oneself and it doesn’t take very long to learn. If you have trouble with insomnia and would like to learn how to do Ear Acupuncture let me know during your next appointment. You should also check out how EFT can be of benefit without the needles!!


Find out more about EFT by clicking here...


One of the most overlooked act that we can do is act of forgiveness. Most of us think that forgiveness is something that we do in relation to someone else. But really, we need to learn to forgive ourselves.


For many of us, we are our worst critic and we tend to beat ourselves up emotionally sometimes over the smallest things. We all have done little and big things that we regret, and hold negative judgments within ourselves for these things. Each judgment puts us further and further away from our heart.


I have noticed that with many people that have had injuries in the past or are currently in pain tend to block off that part of their body leaving it isolated. In fact, the area of injury whether physical or emotional should be embraced as if it were hurt child needing comfort. In forgiving ourselves, we learn to embrace ourselves, all of our hurts, all of our judgments with mercy and tenderness that we all deserve.

Here is a simple practice that you can do daily or whenever you feel the need to do it. The technique is based on EFT(emotional freedom techniques) in which you tap certain acupuncture points on your head and face and on your upper body. The points are listed below

Top of Head
Beginning of the Eye Brow
Side of the Eye
Under the Eye
Under the Nose
Between the lip and chin
Beginning of the Collar Bone
Under the Arm
Inside of Wrists

You can go to this site for pictures of where the points are:

I also have the printed course here at my house that you can get.


The technique is simple, just say the phrase “I forgive myself” tapping each point 5 times with each syllable of the phrase.


Let your yourself be open to any image, idea or feeling that presents itself in your consciousness. If something comes up, let it stay in your consciousness as you tap and say “I forgive myself” As you tap you will notice a lessening of the intensity. If nothing appears in your consciousness just tap anyway.

If you do this for 5 minutes a day, over time you’ll notice that you will more calm inside and gentler with yourself. Some things may come up that are “big” issues, if so, set aside more time to do the tapping so that they can be softened.

I really encourage you do give this a try for a month. It is simple yet a profound healing technique. If you have any questions contact me.