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If you'd Like an appointment call Treva and Stan Voreyer at 443-6074


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Vitamin D

In a June 2008 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, Austrian researchers checked vitamin D levels in blood tests from more than 3,200 male and female heart patients whose average age was 62. Blood tests were conducted frequently for more than eight years.


Results confirmed the potential danger of vitamin D deficiency. Subjects with the lowest D levels were significantly more likely to die of any cause over the study period. And even when researchers excluded patients with serious heart risk factors, they found that vitamin D deficient subjects were more likely to die of heart-related complications.


Another D study – published within days of the Austrian research – offers very promising results for anyone who experiences chronic pain.


In the June 2008 issue of Pain Treatment Topics, editor Stewart B. Leavitt, Ph.D., reports on a meta-analysis of more than 20 studies that included patients with osteoarthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, bone pain, fibromyalgia, and other chronic pain conditions. Dr. Leavitt reports that most of these patients had insufficient D levels.


Here are three key points Dr. Leavitt uses to summarize his findings:


Acupressure for nausea

P6 marks the spot.


That's the acupressure point – also known as "Inner Gate" – that relieves nausea caused by motion sickness, morning sickness, and chemotherapy.


A 2000 study was published in Oncology Nursing Forum in which 17 breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were divided into two groups. One group received standard care, while the other group received standard care plus instruction on how to address nausea by finding and pressing P6.


Another acupressure point known as ST36, or "Three Miles," was included in the instruction. ST36 is located one hand width below the knee just to the outside of the shin bone, and P6 is located on the inner wrist, about three finger-widths below the wrist crease, right between the tendons. Rub the most tender spot in the area.


Study results showed that acupressure subjects significantly curbed nausea and lessened its intensity compared to subjects who didn't use acupressure. Similar results were reported in a University of California study released this summer. In that study, the placebo group was taught to apply pressure to a sham acupressure point. Subjects in the control group said acupressure didn't do much good right after chemo was administered, but was effective in relieving bouts of nausea over the following days.


Some drugstores carry wristbands (SeaBand) designed with a hard nub that puts pressure on P6.

These points can also work for any kind of stomach upset....motion sickness, morning sickness...anything that disturbs the stomach.


Sweet relief for recurring ear infections


Q: My poor grandson is constantly getting ear infections. I know they can lead to serious damage later in life—what can be done to help?


Dr. Wright: All physicians skilled and knowledgeable in nutritional and natural medicine have plenty of clinical evidence showing that ear infections can be completely eliminated by doing two things: eliminating refined sugar and eliminating and desensitizing food allergies. But as it turns out, there's a sweet alternative to sugar that can also prevent this commonly recurrent childhood ailment. It's a naturally occurring sugar-alcohol called xylitol. In a double blind, placebo-controlled study, children who chewed xylitol gum had 40% fewer ear infections than children taking placebo. Children taking xylitol syrup experienced 30% fewer infections. Of course, be sure to check the label on any product you're thinking of picking up—if it contains artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives, or any other chemicals, put it right back on the shelf and leave it there.

More info here:

Xylitol is available at most health food stores