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Providing a healing combination of:

    • Chiropractor


    • Massage Therapist


    • Acupuncture


  • Serving the Helena area.

If you are looking for a quick chiropractic adjustment, a full massage, or just an acupuncture session, I do not provide that. I use the best aspects of these tools to get you back to a healthy state.

INTEGRATIVE ENERGETICS is a somato-emotional body therapy that reestablishes our balance and center. Whether we have acute or chronic problems that plague our well being INTEGRATIVE ENERGETICS can aid the body/mind in its healing process.

Whenever we have a problem, our body/mind establishes a pattern of coping that compensates for that problem. In most therapies only the primary problem is treated, but the pattern remains. The tendency, because of this pattern, is for the primary problem to return, necessitating repeated treatments.

INTEGRATIVE ENERGETICS treats, using a wide variety of techniques, not only the primary problem but many of the other aspects of the compensatory pattern. As a result, not only is the primary problem greatly reduced, the pattern that would cause a return of symptoms is disrupted and a new level of well being is established.

If you only read one article on this web site, I think Stress Busters is the most important for the most people.

For an appointment, please call me at 406-495-1729.

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