Acupressure for nausea

P6 marks the spot.

That’s the acupressure point – also known as “Inner Gate” – that relieves nausea caused by motion sickness, morning sickness, and chemotherapy.


A 2000 study was published in Oncology Nursing Forum in which 17 breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy were divided into two groups. One group received standard care, while the other group received standard care plus instruction on how to address nausea by finding and pressing P6.


Another acupressure point known as ST36, or “Three Miles,” was included in the instruction. ST36 is located one hand width below the knee just to the outside of the shin bone, and P6 is located on the inner wrist, about three finger-widths below the wrist crease, right between the tendons. Rub the most tender spot in the area.


Study results showed that acupressure subjects significantly curbed nausea and lessened its intensity compared to subjects who didn’t use acupressure. Similar results were reported in a University of California study released this summer. In that study, the placebo group was taught to apply pressure to a sham acupressure point. Subjects in the control group said acupressure didn’t do much good right after chemo was administered, but was effective in relieving bouts of nausea over the following days.


Some drugstores carry wristbands (SeaBand) designed with a hard nub that puts pressure on P6.

These points can also work for any kind of stomach upset….motion sickness, morning sickness…anything that disturbs the stomach.

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