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Here’s a reality check for those of you who think you can avoid the toxic chemical bisphenol A: It turns out this toxic chemical has even been found in cash register receipts. That’s right: It’s not just cans and plastic bottles, friends — this poison is literally everywhere.

Researchers from the Environmental Working Group found this dangerous estrogen-like substance in 40 percent of receipts from places like Safeway, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, CVS, and KFC.

Even the Whole Foods had BPA in its receipts. You just can’t trust anyone these days!

But if you think handling receipts with BPA is no big deal, think again. Swiss scientists say that two hours after exposure, 30 percent of the BPA from a receipt remained on the skin — and could no longer be washed away.

Nothing like a hormone boost with each purchase — and they don’t even charge extra for it.

That’s what the feds will do with it, because they don’t care about you or me. The dangers of BPA are well known and well documented — it’s been linked to everything from obesity and cardiovascular problems to reproductive harm and early puberty — and they’re deliberately ignoring all that evidence every single day they fail to act.

But don’t let me bust your bubble. If you enjoy a good exercise in futility, you can send your thoughts to consumer@fda.gov.

If you want to do something more productive with your time, get rid of everything that might contain BPA: Cans, bottles, jars with lids — if it doesn’t say “BPA free,” assume it’s BPA full.

There’s not much you can do about those receipts. I’d say leave them right there at the cash register, but in some places they’ll tackle you at the door if you don’t show a receipt on the way out. You might also need those receipts for warranties, returns and the taxman.

Shopping has officially become a dangerous activity — bring disposable gloves.

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