Sweet relief for recurring ear infections



Q: My poor grandson is constantly getting ear infections. I know they can lead to serious damage later in life—what can be done to help?


Dr. Wright: All physicians skilled and knowledgeable in nutritional and natural medicine have plenty of clinical evidence showing that ear infections can be completely eliminated by doing two things: eliminating refined sugar and eliminating and desensitizing food allergies. But as it turns out, there’s a sweet alternative to sugar that can also prevent this commonly recurrent childhood ailment. It’s a naturally occurring sugar-alcohol called xylitol. In a double blind, placebo-controlled study, children who chewed xylitol gum had 40% fewer ear infections than children taking placebo. Children taking xylitol syrup experienced 30% fewer infections. Of course, be sure to check the label on any product you’re thinking of picking up—if it contains artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives, or any other chemicals, put it right back on the shelf and leave it there.

More info here: http://www.xlear.com/

Xylitol is available at most health food stores

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