Green Tea and Colon Cancer


It’s a lot easier to prevent cancer than fight cancer. This is especially true with colon cancer. Once colon cancer hits, it’s very difficult to treat successfully. Fortunately, you can prevent most cases of colon cancer. In fact, it’s fairly easy to do. All you need to do is drink a lot of my favorite beverage.


Green tea is a magical elixir. It’s great for your heart, your brain, and for fighting infections. And it’s a powerful cancer fighter. Now we have research proving that green tea can help prevent colorectal adenomas. Adenomas are a collection of cells that can degenerate into cancer.


This study followed 136 patients who had colorectal adenomas previously removed. They also had to be free of polyps one year later. The researchers split the patients into two groups. They gave one group a green tea extract (1.5 g per day). A control group took a placebo. Then the researchers instructed all of the participants not to change their regular liquid green tea consumption.


After one year, 31% of the control group developed metachronous adenomas (not good) compared to less than half that (15%) in the green tea extract supplemented group.


Furthermore, in those that did relapse, those on the extract got smaller adenomas than the control subjects. The authors concluded “green tea extract is an effective supplement for the chemoprevention of metachronous colorectal adenomas.”


Action to take: Drink green tea every day. So should you. While there were not enough details in the study to determine how much green tea the subjects drank on their own, it certainly appears that supplemental green tea extract is a good idea regardless. I do think that green tea extract is worthy of consideration as a daily essential. Colon cancer often begins with polyps. It’s a cancer that is rising in frequency in America. Here’s a step you can take to dramatically lower your risk!


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Green tea and lung cancer from


It’s about that old wonder, green tea. And if you’re a smoker, you’re going to want to pay special attention to this tidbit.


Because protecting your lungs from cancer–especially if you’re a smoker–could be as easy as finding a new favorite beverage.

Researchers in Taiwan found that smokers who did not drink green tea may have a 13-fold increased risk of lung cancer over smokers who drank green tea.


Now, what you’re thinking: Sounds good, but how many gallons of tea did they have to gulp down every day?


Ready for this? The benefit was seen in smokers who drank at least one cup per day–that’s it.


The researchers said a daily cup of green tea may help non- smokers as well–overall, among smokers and non-smokers, non-green tea drinkers had a 5.2-fold increased risk of lung cancer over those who enjoyed a daily cup.


Of course, we all know the best course of action is to quit smoking. And maybe that’s on your list of 2010 goals. But we also know that quitting is very difficult. In the meantime, a cup of green tea a day could go a long way to cut your cancer risk.


The oxidative stress levels of smokers put a bigger drain on antioxidant levels, and green tea may offset that.


You don’t want to drink just any old green tea. The pesticides in tea boxed and bagged on your supermarket shelves aren’t going to do you any good. Look for organically grown green tea to capture the best of its health benefits.

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