Injuries and surgery

it is very important to treat an injury or surgery as soon as possible. Most people will just wait until things feel better which may take several weeks or months. And then if after that time it’s not getting any better or its not resolved they may seek treatment. I have found over the years that if people are treated for their injuries or surgeries close to the time that they occur, there is a significant symptom reduction and reduction of the time for complete recovery. Just recently i saw someone who had fallen on the ice on their tailbone, moving and sitting was painful. The day after the injury i treated this person and within about 30 minutes there was at least 80 to 90% reduction of all symptoms. I’ve also made house calls to people who have had either a knee replacement surgery or hip replacement surgery. A very short treatment of half an hour or 45 minutes made significant reduction in pain and medication usage. I have also received calls from people calling me from the ski slope saying they have just had an injury. Several people have hobbled in using crutches and left without needing the crutches.

many times prolonged pain will cause a compensation pattern in the body as we try to deal with the pain. If this painful situation is not dealt with early enough the compensation pattern creates new difficulties. What i have seen is that usually people can compensate for the pain for 6 to 18 months and then “out of the blue” they develop a new pain. For the most part, treating the original injury will actually cause the new pain to disappear. So i encourage you to seek treatment whenever you have an injury or surgery as soon as possible so that things will heal faster and you’ll feel better.


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