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Thousands of years ago — before the written word — people passed on their knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation through exhaustive oral histories.


In ancient India, this task was entrusted to the Rishi holy men. The Rishi were famous for their ability to perform epic poems at will…and for days on end.

They could reel off hours of Hindu prayers and recite epics completely from memory, without pausing. One famous oral history, the Rig-Veda, contained 1,028 hymns — each one taking eight hours to sing! Another classic poem, the Mahabharata, took several weeks to recite in Sanskrit.


When finally translated to written form thousands of years later, some of these epics contained nearly 9,000 pages of text. But the Rishis were able to recite them word-for-word!


How Did They Do It?


The Rishis attributed their amazing memory to a special tea brewed from a wild herb that grew along the sacred River Ganges. This humble plant was so prized for its memory-enhancing power, they named it Brahmi, after the Hindu creator god.


Thousands of years later, modern scientists began to study the plant, known as bacopa monnieri. And what they found shocked them: 14 separate studies found that bacopa really works!


For example, one clinical trial in Australia tested 46 volunteers on reasoning skills, memorization, and learning ability.


After 3 months, nearly everyone in the bacopa group improved their ability to grasp new information without forgetting it a few days later. They were also able to speed up decision-making and think more quickly on their feet.


In a separate study, people were divided into two separate groups. Both groups were taught to perform a specific task, but the difference was that one group took bacopa and the other did not.


Result: While the people in the control group took an average of 10 days to learn the task, the people taking bacopa took only 6 days to learn the same task! That’s a whopping 40% increase in learning ability.


Sound good so far?

It gets even better. Bacopa can also help protect you from stress.


You already know that excessive stress is bad for your health. But did you know it’s also bad for your brain?


For one thing, it impairs short-term memory. It also affects concentration, which is why you become inefficient, forgetful and accident-prone during stressful times.


Happily, bacopa helps your brain manage the rigors of stress. People who take bacopa regularly say it gives them a sense of calm and peace without making them feel tired or groggy.


In one study, bacopa helped lower anxiety levels in patients by about 20 percent. What’s more, participants said they didn’t tire as easily, and enjoyed better short-term memory. Plus, physical symptoms of stress overload — like headaches, sleeplessness, and irritability — were also relieved.


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