Companies keep silent on nano-hazards

It’s the secret ingredient that’s not listed on the label: microscopic nanoparticles that can make foods brighter, creamier, tastier, longer-lasting, and more.


But there’s one “er” that’s not on the list, and that’s SAFER.


Even the feds admit they have no clue whether these microscopic particles are safe for humans — but that hasn’t stopped companies from busily dumping them into everything from toothpaste to donuts just the same.


And practically none of them want to talk about it.


Of the 2,500 companies recently surveyed about their use of nanomaterials, just 26 even bothered to respond. And of them, 14 said they don’t use nanoparticles and just two said they even had a company policy on them, according to, the public interest group behind the surveys.


In addition, As You Sow hired an independent lab to test 10 types of powdered donuts, and found titanium dioxide nanoparticles in two major brands: Hostess Donettes and Dunkin Donuts Powdered Cake Donuts.


The good news is that Hostess is out of business.


The bad news? Dunkin Donuts is still around, and they may have found an ingredient even worse than powdered sugar — because in a two-year animal study from UCLA, titanium oxide nanoparticles caused DNA and chromosome damage.


That’s the type of damage that could lead to cancer.


Think that’s bad? That’s only the beginning. Many common nanoparticles can be ingested, absorbed through the skin, and even inhaled — and once inside your body, some of them can cross the blood-brain barrier.


There’s really only one way to avoid all nanoparticles these days, and that’s to not eat, breathe, or bathe. Since that’s not possible, the best you can do is stick to fresh organic meats and produce as much as you can.


And since money talks, make sure you speak loud and clear: Let companies know you won’t spend a dime on their products until they promise not to use nanoparticles.


From March 13, 2013 Health Info Newsletter: HeartMath, Nano Particles, EFT Class, Gluten Sensitivity

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