Rye pollen extract has been shown to improve BPH symptoms.
Rye pollen extract has improved the symptoms of BPH in preliminary trials.1 , 2 , 3 Double-blind trials have also reported that rye pollen extract is effective for reducing symptoms of BPH4 , 5 This rye pollen extract was shown to be comparable in effect to an amino acid mixture used for BPH in a double-blind study.6 A double-blind comparison with pygeum resulted in significant subjective improvement in 78% of those given the rye pollen extract compared with 55% using pygeum.7 Research on this commercial rye pollen extract has used three to six tablets, or four capsules, per day; the effect of other pollens in men with prostate conditions has not yet been studied.

An extract of flower pollen, derived primarily from rye, may improve symptoms of chronic prostatitis and prostadynia.

An extract of flower pollen, derived primarily from rye, may improve symptoms of chronic prostatitis and prostadynia. In a small, uncontrolled trial, men with chronic NBP or prostadynia given two tablets of flower pollen extract twice daily for up to 18 months reported complete or marked improvement in symptoms.8 In a larger, uncontrolled trial, one tablet three times daily for six months produced a favorable response in 80% of the men based on symptoms, laboratory tests, and doctor evaluations.9 Men who did not respond in this study were found to have structural abnormalities of the urinary tract, suggesting that uncomplicated prostate conditions are more likely to respond to flower pollen. Additional uncontrolled studies support the effectiveness of flower pollen extract,10 , 11 , 12 but no controlled research has been published.

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