Folate reduces Colon Cancer risk in women

News of any little way to lower our cancer risk is always welcome.


News of how to lower it by two-thirds? Well, that’s VERY welcome.


It turns out a certain vitamin—one long-time e-Tips readers already know can prevent damage caused by heart attacks and boost brain power.


Men, this vitamin is good for you, too, but you’re definitely going to want to forward this to the women in your life.


Because a group of researchers at South Korea’s National Cancer Center have found that eating a diet rich in folate can lower a woman’s risk of colon cancer by a whopping two- thirds. The same effect wasn’t seen in men.


The reason for folate’s cancer-protective power? Well, it’s one of the nutrients that’s key in repairing DNA. Researchers think that a lack of folate makes genetic mutations. And that damaged DNA can go cancerous.


So how much folate do you need for this big cancer- preventing boost? Women getting at least 300 micrograms a day saw the best benefit—a 64% lower risk of colon cancer. Women consuming more than 270 micrograms a day slashed their risk in half.


Besides supplements, you can get your daily folate in veggies and fruits like spinach, green beans, peppers, and citrus fruits.


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